Winter Garden Designs

Winter Garden Designs

The winter garden is the ideal place to grow plants, enjoy a pleasant interior or entertain guests throughout the four seasons. However, it is very important to work with the right company for the winter garden and to have a winter garden with the right design.

Winter Garden Designs
Winter Garden Designs

artminium, winter garden designs It offers the best winter garden to its customers with its special, stylish, functional and high-quality winter garden systems and its customers' wishes, needs and designs specific to the winter garden area.

Winter garden design is based on a few basic elements. First of all, the winter garden should be in a south or southwest facing position to make the best use of daylight. Thus, it is possible to benefit from the warmth of the sun in winter while getting enough light for your plants.

Insulation of winter garden windows is also very important. Well-insulated glass maintains the internal temperature of the greenhouse and reduces your energy costs. Winter garden systems offer many different models to suit every budget and need.

Homeowners can enjoy the outdoors without paying attention to seasonal changes. Aesthetics and functionality come together with winter garden systems, perfectly combining your home with both the indoor and outdoor world.

Classic Winter Garden Systems

classic winter garden systems generally consist of large glass panels supported by steel or aluminum frames. It can be equipped with thermal glasses that provide temperature control. Classic models offer an aesthetic appearance and provide protection against external factors while connecting the interior with the outside world.

Classic winter garden systems can be customized to suit any home design and are generally used for growing green plants at home or as a comfortable seating area.

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Ceiling Window Systems

Ceiling window systems attract attention with large glass panels placed on the ceiling of your home. Ceiling window systems bring natural light indoors and bring the sky into your home. Ceiling window systems are especially ideal for those who want to follow seasonal changes and watch the stars.

Foldable Winter Garden Systems

Foldable winter garden systemsIt features glass panels that can be quickly folded when not in use. These systems can be fully opened in summer, providing a seamless transition between the garden and the interior. During winter months, these systems protect your home from cold weather conditions.

Foldable winter garden systems provide flexible use and offer an ideal living space in all seasons.

Pergola Winter Garden Systems

Pergola winter garden systems, perfectly combines the outdoors and the indoors. Pergola systems include thin metal frames and movable ceiling panels. Pergola is a great option for winter gardens, outdoor dining, barbecue parties or sunbathing areas.

Thanks to these designs, it is possible to enjoy the outdoors in summer and be in a sheltered area in winter.

Isolated Winter Garden Systems

Isolated conservatory systems are ideal for those who frequently live in cold climates. These systems include insulated glass panels and special heating systems. In this way, they offer a warm and comfortable space even in winter months.

Isolated winter garden systemsprovides homeowners with a living space they can use all year round.

Winter Garden Balcony Designs

conservatory balcony systems are a special type of design that provides four-season use and combines the exterior and interior. It allows you to enjoy the view outside and bring natural light inside, even during the cold winter months. Winter garden balcony designs It may include the following features.

  • Since it is designed for four-season use, it must have an effective heating and insulation system. Glass panels or glass sliding doors reduce the temperature difference between the cold air outside and the interior.
  • The main feature of winter garden balcony systems is that they use glass walls or glass ceilings. In this way, it is possible to watch the view outside and it lets in natural light.
  • A good air exchange system ensures that the interior is filled with fresh air and thus protects against stuffiness problems.
  • Some conservatory systems are equipped with openable windows and doors, thus providing ventilation on hot summer days and better combining the outside with the inside.
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